Advanced CSS

1-day Advanced CSS3 Training Course — CSA

Advanced CSS Training Course Overview

This course provides truly advanced CSS training, unlike many competitors. It assumes that you know the CSS fundamentals, including the basics of fluid page layout and responsive web design.

If you are not already comfortable with responsive web design, please consider taking our responsive design course first.

The primary goal of this advanced CSS course is to save experienced web designers and their employers time and effort, by:

  • Pointing out common CSS mistakes and avoidance measures
  • Forseeing common CSS problems, and resolving them in advance
  • Explaining common browser compatibility issues and workarounds
  • Distinguishing genuine productivity tools/techniques from mere promises
  • Enabling you to write cleaner, faster, more concise CSS
  • Managing genuinely re-usable CSS libaries

Course contents — 1 Advanced CSS Positioning and Layout

  • Classic float gotchas
  • Classic box model gotchas
  • Classic absolute/relative positioning gotchas
  • Classic vs. new cross-browser compatibility issues
  • New float options — top, bottom, snap, page
  • Multicolumn flow
  • Flexible boxes — flexbox
  • CSS3 grid layout and grid template layout
  • Managing paged media — printing, etc.

Course contents — 2 Advanced CSS Productivity Tools

  • CSS preprocessors — SASS and Less
  • CSS libraries — custom, off-the-shelf
  • Grid Frameworks — custom, off-the-shelf
  • Typography and font tools

Course contents — 3 CSS Prototyping, Testing and Debugging

  • Prototypes vs. Comps
  • Wireframing
  • Adaptive vs. responsive multi-device design
  • Exploiting/managing specificity and inheritance
  • Layered development — progressive enhancement
  • Finding and tracking CSS bugs
  • Hacks and filters
  • Graded browser support
  • Testing tools
  • Testing technique and stategy

Course contents — 4 Advanced CSS Menus and Forms

  • Classic CSS menu design
  • Responsive menu issues
  • Classic CSS form design
  • Responsive form design issues

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, you should be able to

  • Write cleaner, faster, more concise CSS
  • Manage and re-use your CSS codebase better
  • Recognise classic CSS mistakes and avoid them
  • Recognise classic CSS gotchas, and be able to deploy standard workarounds
  • Understand contemporary cross-browser compatibility problems in CSS
  • Manage contemporary CSS browser compatibility problems
  • Make informed decisions about whether and how to deploy CSS productivity tools

Target Audience

  • Experienced responsive web developers
  • Experienced responsive web designers

Training Pre-requisites

All of the following web design courses — or equivalent experience

Training Style

This advanced CSS course delivers a large amount of content to an expert audience within a relatively small amount of time (1 day).

As a consequence, the proportion of time devoted to instruction tends to be greater than it is on most of our courses and hands-on practical work is reduced to a necessary minimum.

To compensate for this imbalance, the course manual provides additional exercises for students to practice at home, and the tutor will provide free follow-up support to anyone struggling with those exercises.

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