Online courses — live in real-time

Interact with human trainers and students — practice at your own pace

All of our courses are also now available online — live, in real-time, interacting with the same human trainers. That applies to all subjects — web design courses, seo courses, web development courses, web usability courses, web content writing courses, etc. This page explains what's involved and how to book — publicly from August 2020.

How it works

All student-trainer interaction takes place through a teleconferencing web interface.

It works a lot like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. — except that it's free of corporate control, open source, privacy-respecting, and has some specialist 'classroom' features.

Once you've signed up, we send you a URL which is unique to you and to each specific event (course)[1], together with instructions for setting up your computer.

For non-technical courses, the only software you need is a web browser — the thing you are probably reading this paragraph with. Obviously, you'll need to allow the browser temporary access to your camera and microphone during the session — but that's it. You'll get detailed instructions on how to set-up the camera and mic, before the first session.

For technical courses you will also need to download some exercise resource files from us and install some software for editing, running and manipulating those files. So you will need administrator rights on your computer, or you'll need someone with administrator rights to do the entire set-up for you. Again, detailed instructions will be sent to you before the first course session.

What do I need to do?


  1. Decide which course you want — browse this site
  2. Complete our booking form — press the 'book' button for a specific date.
  3. Configure your computer's camera and microphone
  4. Download exercise resource files — practical courses only
  5. Install exercise software — practical courses only
  6. Open the session URL — in your browser

Online Course Scheduling

Private online courses are available now — just contact us for details.

The public online course schedule rolls out in 3 steps:

  1. July 2020 — replacements for face-to-face courses cancelled in March-July 2020
  2. August 2020 — a subset of the most popular courses
  3. September 2020 to November 2020 — the full course catalogue, least popular courses last

(Socially Distanced) Off-line Courses — from July 2020

Conventional face-to-face training will operate at one-third of the traditional student density — to ensure a minimum 2 metre gap between participants, e.g. a classroom which would normally house 12-16 students will typically have a maximum of 3-4 students.

Restoration of the public offline schedule:

  1. July 2020 — replacements for courses cancelled in March-July 2020
  2. August 2020 — a subset of popular courses in London, Leeds and Manchester
  3. September 2020 to November 2020 — the full range of courses and locations, peripheral cities and courses last

[1] The unique URL acts as your personal key for a specific course instance. It cannot be used for another course or even for a different instance of the same course. Similarly, it can only be used by you personally. If you need to re-schedule, we will issue you a new URL/key for the new course instance.

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