Private Tuition & Mentoring

We offer many options for private 1-to-1 tuition and mentoring.

The core objective is always to provide greater personalisation than we can in pre-prepared courses, but this level of customisation makes the service difficult to describe in simple terms — since every session or series can be unique.

So please talk to us directly about any tuition options you would like to explore — treating the rest of this page as hints and suggestions.

Prices for 1-to-1 Training

We try to keep prices (excluding expenses) within these maxima:

  • £125 + VAT per 1½-hour session
  • £500 + VAT per day

These limits should only be exceeded where the preparation time for tailoring is unusually high.

N.B. expenses can vary from £0 to as much as £250 per day, depending on how close the training venue is to our trainer's location at the time.

1-to-1 Training Sessions

Tuition or mentoring typically takes place:

  • In 1½–2 hour sessions — but often full days
  • At a mutually convenient location — your home/office or ours

We also provide 1-to-1 training at our public training centres, but this may incur an additional cost of £20–£60 per session or £50–£80 per day — for room hire.

1-to-1 Training Content

Content can be either task-oriented or conceptually based, i.e.

  • Task-oriented — to help you complete specific jobs
  • Conceptual — do jobs better through deeper understanding

Or, it could simply be an entire web design course, scheduled on a one-off basis, for your personal convenience, e.g. because you need to implement given techniques right now, and cannot wait for the next public course instance in your locality.

Task-oriented 1-to-1 Training

A few task-oriented examples:

  • Convert a web interface for mobile device or email usage
  • Make a particular graphic effect work in all current browers
  • Get a particular page to rank higher in search results
  • Speed up web page loading times
  • Make a web form accessible to blind and motor disabled users

Concept-oriented 1-to-1 Training

Some clients need the opposite of task oriention. For example, they may be perfectly capable of carrying out a series of tasks, but they want to improve their quality and efficiency by:

  • Understanding the underyling principles better
  • Understanding how all the bits fit together
  • Filling gaps in knowledge they acquired haphazardly

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